Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant in Sri Lanka

What is the Role of a Digital Marketing Consultant?

The role of a digital marketing consultant is often misunderstood. Most assume that their area of expertise is advertising – well, this is what an advertising agency would do. A marketing consultant, on the other hand, works with businesses. They study the current working model of a company to understand their potential and then develop a marketing strategy that would help the brand to function fruitfully and establish their goal. Whether it is a small business or a big firm, they help in determining the most prospective clients to work with.

Digital Marketing Consultant in Sri Lanka

• Focus of a digital marketing consultant can vary according to business requirements. Here are some responsibilities that they would usually take on:

• To discover fresh opportunities for the business and entice new customers while also being involved with the existing ones.

• Evaluate the current marketing instruments such as email marketing, social media, SEO, etc. and use them in a creative and novel way for effective business marketing.

• Work towards ameliorating the brand of the company so the business can resonate with current and potential clients in a better way.

• Organize platforms to display content, like website landing pages, blogs and use SEO to make sure that the content is search engine friendly. All this warrants that the page and website ranking is high on all search engines.

• Manage marketing campaigns run through mobile marketing, social media, email, and local marketing.

• Use analytics to monitor results and make sure that the best results are attained. There are different types of analytics that can be used.

Taking on the role of a digital marketing consultant, we offer help in different sectors of business and marketing. We plan, research, advice and help the business to implement the online marketing tools to promote their brand name and reach out to their customers and clients.

Digital Marketing Analysis Consultancy Service in Sri Lanka

Digital marketing consultancy service in Sri Lanka

As a digital marketing consultant, we understand that the internet is an essential marketing tool and we know exactly how to use it efficiently to promote a brand. Here are some of the skills you can expect from us:

• Analyze data through the usage of analytics to define the adjustability of a business’s marketing tools and then create a set of actionable tools to augment the sales.

• Digital marketing consultants should be focused on achieving not just the goals set by a business but also measuring the success of the attained goals. Without quantifiable results, it is difficult to set the next set of achievable goals.

• There is a difference between strategies and tactics. While strategy is an actionable plan to attain a specific goal, tactics are the action in that strategy. We understand this difference and hence help your business to work in a direction that will bring it a success.

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