About Rajith Gunawardena

Rajith Gunawardena Web Designer and Web Developer

- Web Designer and Developer Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka -

What I do ?

Simply put, I design and build websites while doing UI & Graphic Design in Sri Lanka. Want it complicated ? I design web interfaces and bring them to life using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery and some PHP & MYSQL where necessary. Whether the site is static or has dynamic content, I have a solution for you..

Past and Present - I started my career as a UI and Graphic Designer in Sri Lanka and worked for almost 2 years. While I was being their as a User Interface and Graphic Designer, I had a keen interest on building web sites.. So somewhere around the second year, I started building web sites for Corporate sector in Sri Lanka as well as for some of my close friends who were working on their newly started business firms in Sri Lanka and in United Kingdom. So their after my main focus was on web designing with web development. I served as a Web Designer for nearly a year at one of the telecommunication giants in Sri Lanka where my scope consisted of Web Designing, UI Designing and CMS Based Solutions. Now I`am working as a freelance web designer.

If you're in need of a new standard website design, creative website design, redesign or user interface, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.